Rattle Care

Care of Wooden Baby Rattle

The rattles have been thoroughly sanded, steamed to raise the grain, and sanded again, then treated with multiple coats of our beeswax/oil finish.

When you receive them they should be ready to use, however there are a few tips for keeping them useful and beautiful for many years.

Do not boil, bleach, or soak the spoons and rattles, they can be cleaned with warm soapy water and a sponge or cloth and allowed to dry naturally.

The finish will gradually wear off, but can be restored with our own oil/wax mix or any food-safe finish including mineral oil.  

They are wood and will scorch/burn when left in contact with hot pans or burners, many of our own spoons have scorch marks from these exact things, they generally do not affect the function unless they are really deep, use your best judgement on when to retire a wooden utensil.

A NOTE ON THE WOOD WE USE:  We use almost exclusively domestic hardwoods with a history and tradition of woodware use. We prefer to use air dried lumber which preserves some of the more subtle colors of the material.  There are many beautiful woods and most of them are entirely safe to put in your babies hand and thus mouth, or your own, some aren't.  We don't use wood that we believe has been treated or is unsuitable for food contact.