Tiki Vases - Large Ladies


The Tiki series inspired by the giant carved stone heads of Easter Island, icons like the Venus of Willendorf and the merriment and celebration that comes with all things related in Tiki culture. A collection of Tiki gods were created: each completely unique and handmade, ready to brighten a home or hold a favorite cocktail.

Tiki Lady Goddesses ready for flowers in her head.

These Ladies are a perfect to decorate your home. Find your Tiki alter ego or totem, and enjoy their company every day.

Large Tiki Vase - approx. 8.5” x 4“ round


  • Glossy white
  • Speckled Light Brown Sold Out
  • Matte White w/necklace Sold Out
  • Matte White Speckle w/Crown Sold Out